Here at FURst Impressions, Cardiff we pride ourselves in offering a personal one to one  service for every fur baby
Initial Appraisal 
At every appointment your best friend will have an initial appraisal to assess their overall condition.  This will include checking the skin and coat for lumps, bumps, injuries, inflammation, parasites etc.  They will also be checked for doggie odour and its origins!
At the first appointment you will also be asked to provide details about:
The dogs lifestyle
Groom required
Any health issues, allergies or medication – details of your vet
Their temperament – are they nervous or aggressive?
Grooming history – have they been professionally groomed before or is this their first time? Do they get groomed at home?
The answers to this appraisal will help me to understand yours and your best friend’s needs.  This information will be held on file and every dog will have their own profile.
Grooming Services 
Bathing – getting your best friend really clean is the only way to produce a top quality trim.  I only use the best quality natural shampoos/conditioners which are environmentally friendly.
Drying – A combination of methods are used from towel drying, high velocity drying, warm air or natural air drying  –
Nail clipping
Ear cleaning
Styling and detail finishing – a variety of techniques will be used depending on the breed of dog and any specific requirements you may have.  All breeds and types of dogs are catered for including mixed breeds.
Your best friend will not only leave the salon clean and well groomed but will smell and look gorgeous having had a free spray of “doggie cologne” and a free bandana or bow.  Please see the Price List section for a guide to my prices.  Discounts are available for owners who want more than one dog groomed.
Designer Grooms
I am able to provide “designer trims” – see the photograph of Hugo the Yorkshire Terrier in the Gallery – his owners are from Lithuania and wanted Hugo trimmed in the style of Yorkshire Terriers in their country.
Range of shampoos, brushes, treats and toys available to buy

Free consultation

If you are unsure about having your dog groomed or how you want him/her groomed then please come along for a free consultation.  I am happy to arrange a time where you can meet me, see where I work and discuss your grooming requirements or any concerns you may have.   I like to help nervous dogs as well as nervous owners!


If you have a puppy that will need grooming as an adult then bring it along now for some familiarisation sessions. We can spend 10 minutes getting pup used to being on the table and hearing the equipment running. This will be 10 minutes of cuddles and strokes and then later on when you need the grooming to be done your pup wont be stressed or scared by the experience. These are charged at £5.

Aggressive Dogs

If I feel it would be unsafe for either the dog or myself to continue the groom I will call you and ask you to collect your dog – this may mean the groom is not completed.

Some requirements of pre-grooming 

Please ensure your dog has been exercised and given the opportunity to go to the toilet prior to grooming.  The salon is in a residential area so please clean up after your dog.

Please advise if your dog has any health issues that may affect his tolerance toward grooming  – for example joint pains.